Meet Your Adventure Guides:
Adam, Linds, and the Girls

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The head of our traveling troupe and chief logistics officer. Adam's adventurous spirit and curiosity guide our global explorations.

Adam at a bar in Chiang Mai

Lindsay (Linds)

The super-mom of the team, she balances between educating our girls on the go and making sure we enjoy our journey. Lindsay's love for new experiences is contagious.

Lindsay's new haircut
Lily poses by the cherry blossoms
Lillian (Lily)

Our eldest daughter, 8-year-old Lily is a first-grader with a passion for learning and a never-ending supply of energy.

Cora Climbed a tree

Cora, 7, our kindergartner, is a little adventurer with a big heart, always ready for the next exciting experience.

Harper Blowing a kiss to the camers

The youngest of our tribe, 4-year-old Harper brings a touch of mischief and a whole lot of laughter to our travels.

Curious about our journey?

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