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The girls in Dirndls in Munich Germany

We've been to 19 countries and counting. Most of them have been published for all the world to see. Check out our country by country playlists below!

“Loved this! Its been so fun watching your family travels...we all watch "those big travel channels "  BUT i love watching families like yours doing it with 3 kiddos while schooling and working and filming!! Big props! Way to go after your dreams! Thanks for showing us a glimpse”

Where we've been

United States
Home Country
We left the US in May of 2022. then returned for a month in 2023 for a road trip from Chicago to Vegas
United Kingdom
May '22
United Kingdom enchanted us with the adventures at Peppa Pig World in Southampton and the royal grandeur of Queen's Jubilee in London.
April '22
France delighted us with the allure of Paris, EuroDisney, and the sun-soaked retreat in Antibes on the French Riviera.
June '22
Italy offered a range of experiences from the marine adventure in Genoa to a gastronomic journey in Naples, with memorable stays in Lucca.
July '22
Germany was full of surprises, from an engaging brewery tour in Munich to a spontaneous drive on the autobahn to reach Prague.
July '22
Czech Republic welcomed us with lower living costs in Prague, providing a pleasant surprise.
July '22
Austria left a mark with an unfortunate incident in Vienna where Harper broke her arm.
July '22
Hungary catered to our medical needs in Budapest and prepared us for the next leg of our journey.
August '22
Greece was our last European haven, offering a couple of days at a beachside town near Athens.
Saudia Arabia
August '22
Just a long layover, but we got to fly business class in layflat seats!
August '22, December '22, January '23, July '23
Thailand welcomed us with Bangkok's unique culture.
Sept '22
Vietnam charmed us with a mesmerizing Ha Long Bay cruise in Hanoi and an unforgettable stay with a private pool in Hoi An.
October '22
Cambodia was a blend of unending rain in Phnom Penh and adorable bungalows in Siem Reap.
October '22
Malaysia was a month-long adventure with Legoland in Jahur Baru and explorations of Kuala Lumpur.
October '22
Singapore was a brief but memorable stopover en route to Japan.
October '22, March '23, May '23
Japan fascinated us the most, with unique experiences in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Nara.
South Korea
July '23
Coming Soon! South Korea enriched our Asian experiences with a two-week stay in Seoul.