6 Must-Visit Budget-Friendly Family Chain Restaurants In Japan

The blog highlights six must-visit chain restaurants in Japan that cater to both food enthusiasts and families looking for a delightful dining experience without overspending.
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August 25, 2023

Family travel and good food don't have to break the bank, especially in Japan. Here are our top six favorite budget-friendly chain restaurants that not only serve delicious dishes, but also provide a delightful experience for the whole family:

1. Kura Sushi - The Conveyor Belt Sushi Experience

A favorite among sushi enthusiasts, Kura Sushi offers a diverse selection of mouthwatering sushi at a surprisingly affordable range of 115 yen ($.79) to 220 yen ($1.51) a plate. From classic tuna and salmon rolls to things like shrimp tempura, it's a haven for seafood lovers and non-seafood fans alike because they also have things like udon or egg omelet sushi. Kids will enjoy the game that they play for every five plates and might win a prize. Our meals usually cost us 4500 yen ($30.79) to 5800 yen ($39.69), Kura Sushi delivers a delightful dining experience without breaking the bank.

Aftermath of a meal at Kura Sushi

2. Torikizoku - Yakitori Heaven

Everything at Torikizoku is priced at 360 yen ($2.46), making it an attractive dining option. It's a paradise for skewer enthusiasts, with favorites like meatballs, chicken wings, and fries. Don't miss their sour drinks; Adam's favorite is the lemon sour, while I love the strawberry or passionfruit ones. A full meal typically costs us between 5040 yen ($34.49) to 6480 yen ($44.34).

Delicious Edamame, Meatballs, and Chicken Skewers

3. Tiger Gyoza - Gyoza Galore

Tiger Gyoza is a must-visit for gyoza lovers. With 300 yen ($2.05) for a 5-piece plate, it's both delicious and affordable. Along with gyoza, you can indulge in fried rice, clay pot rice, fried noodles, and ramen. We paid around 4160 yen ($28.47) for a satisfying meal that filled all five of us up.

Delicious Tiger Gyoza

4. Shusiro - A Sushi Extravaganza

This conveyor belt sushi restaurant offers a fantastic culinary experience. With selections like salmon with mozzarella and basil sauce, and prosciutto with mozzarella, the choices are endless. Shusiro's kid-friendly approach includes stamp cards, letting the children pick out prizes during their visit. The cost averages at 4000 yen ($27.37) for our family of 5.

Prosciutto, Mozzarella, and Basil Sushi, So Delicious and Amazing

5. Gyoza no Ohsho - Comfort Food Haven

Specializing in gyoza, fried rice, and ramen, Gyoza no Ohsho is a perfect spot for comfort food cravings. The price for a 6-piece plate of gyoza is just 275 yen ($1.88). With various set menus, you can enjoy a hearty meal. It cost our family of five 3024 yen ($20.71) to 4024 yen ($27.55) when we visit.

Yummy Fried Rice, Gyoza, and of course Edamame

6. Fukushin - Ramen Delights

Fukushin offers ramen that hits the spot, with options for gyoza and fried rice too. You can enjoy a beer and 6-piece gyoza for 500 yen ($3.42) or ramen and gyoza for 580 yen ($3.97). The spicy ramen is a standout favorite of mine. A typical meal for our family costs between 2570 yen ($17.60) to 3570 yen ($24.45).

Amazing Ramen

From tantalizing sushi and yakitori to comforting bowls of ramen and gyoza, these chain restaurants in Japan provide delicious dining experiences without stretching your budget. Whether you're traveling with kids or looking for a fun and inexpensive culinary adventure, these six spots won't disappoint. Happy eating!

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